Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday June 19,2011

Fathers day

My favorite part of fathers day is looking through all of the catalogues at the "gifts for dad."....the selection is really quite amazing. Now this year, I got my dad a new garbage can, as the squirrels in fair lawn have feasted mightily upon his old cans, so I thought this would be a thoughtful, yet practical gift. When you ask my dad what he wants for any occasion, he always responds "shalom bayit"( a peaceful house) and since I'm not great with that, I thought a garbage can would suffice.

But in looking for the perfect gift for husband #1, I go through the wares of various stores. Hmmm, should I get him new boxers?(and will he magically turn into the hot model wearing them?). Should I get him a hat that comes with an attached fan so it will keep him cool while he is gardening?(does he know if we have a garden?) ooh, what about the useful barbque tongs that also double as a radio, thermometer and lighting rod? That would come in handy when he is watching me grill. Oh, this one is good, the power tool...hmm, should I get the chain saw in red or blue? (does life insurance cover chainsaw "accidents"??) Ah, the perfect gift..a crafstman tool set from sears-but then, we would never talk to our neighbors because we wouldn't need to borrow screwdrivers, or Alan wrenches, or hammers and nails, oh my!

Maybe, just maybe, the perfect gift would be if I didn't make fun of him in this blog..(is it too late for that?) have no fear, the boys got him a Yankees "worlds greatest dad" tshirt...(probably to make me feel bad, because it's always about me) but I'm happy to report that he really is a great dad and his boys are lucky to have him.

Happy fathers day

Happy sunday

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