Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday November 19,2010

You just can't win.....ever

Because I am a totally selfless person, for my 40th birthday( yes, I know it's over, but it's all about me, so is it really ever over???) In lieu of diamond earrings, I told husband #1 that we should take our lovely boys on a cruise. HE wanted to go with just me(go figure) I thought it would be nice to take the kids on a vacation that didn't involve a motel 6 or peeing while the minivan was moving.

So for the last six weeks we have kept this secret from the kids. I was more excited about surprising them then I was about the actual cruise. Every time I would see one of those commercials on tv where the parents would surprise the kids with a trip to Disney world and the kids would scream their heads off with delight, I got so happy because I knew my kids reaction would be so similar and we would be making all of their dreams come true.

Who was I kidding??? What dream world was I living in. Son #1 informed me that he would rather stay home and I was ruining his vacation and son # 2 said he would rather go to a rams game in st Louis. The love and gratitude was just pouring out of everyone and I even said a few choice that I haven't said in years...(well, maybe not years..hours perhaps?) the worst part of the whole thing, at the time, the story gets even better, is that i had to admit that husband #1 was right...yes, there is a first for everything.(fortunately, my readership has gone down, so not as many people will see my admission) but am still hoping that the boys will change their tune.

The end of the story......son#2 was throwing up all night.......this can't be good....

Happy friday

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