Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday July 21,2011

Man it's hot out....

Yesterday, I spent a lovely day in new York city. I decided it was time to see the alexander McQueen exhibit at the met. For those of you who don't know who he is, he was a famous fashion designer who, unfortunately, killed himself. Being the fashionista that I am, I sauntered(waddled) into the museum in my new loubitans(crocs) wearing a pucci(macys) frock after just having my hair done by Vidal sasoon(is that guy even around anymore??)

What I wasn't expecting was the 45 minute line to see this exhibit...I began to wonder if Alexander was brought back to life and that's why it was so crowded. I passed the time by people watching, and after I had determined how many women were fatter that me(unfortunately, it was a very skinny day at the met...)I realized that the museum people has snaked the line through the Mesopotamia exhibit....why haven't you heard of that? Because that is the part of the museum that everyone just walks through to get to the better it made me feel a little better that even though I was the fattest on line, at least the skinny minis were giving Mesopotamia a chance....

When finally entering the exhibit, I was disappointed to see that keeping us on a line had nothing to do with making the exhibit less crowded-it was wall to wall people...and I don't do well with that. My spin bike has to be in Siberia so I have plenty of personal space-us big gals need our breathing room...... I quickly looked at all of his pieces-I must say, very impressive, I'm surprised chicos hasn't copied any of his work-some of his skirts got pretty wide at the hip area...but all in all, it just made me sad that with as many people he had in his life, he still felt lonely enough to end it. Perhaps hanging out with skinny models is not the best idea for any of us.....lesson learned.

Happy thursday

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