Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday July 26,2011

It all began with a dream...

I started this blog because I wanted a place to bitch and moan about getting old, hitting the milestone of forty...comparing the fluffiness and fun of the eighties, to the life of an almost middle aged housewife....good times. I've mentioned many "firsts at 40", well, today was first physical at 40.

When you went to the doctor when you were little, gaining weight and growing was fun and exciting...not so much now. Fortunately, the nurse trusted me to tell her my weight without actually getting on the scale...I told her the truth, more or less(or less) but then she took my blood pressure which was really high because I was so scared she would make me get on the I took a normal bmi but got high blood pressure.(fortunately, she took it again and it was back down to normal...normal being a relative term for anything involving me...)

The doctor came in and the real fun began. She was lovely and we had a wonderful, honest conversation..which was refreshing. And after the conversation, she still didn't put me on mood disorder medication, which was a relief....but you can only fool some of the people some of the after we talked and I had my exam I was given a prescription for blood work, a chest xray( you are forty now, always good to have a baseline) and an envelope with an adorable little test kit for my...poop. Less invasive than a colonoscopy, but really? I have to send poop in the mail? I feel bad for the poor schmuck who has to open those envelopes....and then she told me to take calcium and vitamin d, just like the old ladies in the geritol commercials....fantastic, frail and forty.

Hope I don't break a hip on the way to the pharmacy.....

Happy monday

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