Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday, July 24,2011

Week three and four in review..

It seems that I have over looked blogging about two weeks of my summer. Has the suspense been killing you? Have you been lying awake at night wondering what I have been doing to pass my time? No? You haven't? It's ok because since I'm so old, I can't really remember what I've been pathetically sad....but I know I'm having a great time, I think. I've cleaned out several closets...been to many movies-some good(horrible bosses) some not so good(Larry crowne). Eaten at some good restaurants(deli kasbah) and some not so good(smokey is that place still open? The barbecue brisket is still repeating itself(another joy of getting old))...embraced the heat and walked about 40 miles this past week...(and yet, I always end up in the same place...) and now I'm preparing for week 5.

The summer is flying by...hope you are all enjoying yourselves..

Happy sunday

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