Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday july 10,2011

Week two in review...

Bed bugs are a big pet peeve of mine, I'm a little too familiar with the bed bug registry website(especially with all the classy motel 6's and red roof inns we stay at on our baseball trips) so nothing made me happier than receiving the email from the boys camp exclaiming "bed bugs are here" color war or uncle moishey...fortunately, alls well that ends well and the camp handled it very professionally and effeciently. Of course I will not be letting the boys back into their home, but that's another story and we won't be telling them just yet...

The Brooklyn did not collapse under my weight-I had been worried when I read it was a suspension never know. Went on the subway-and even though I might dress like I live in a subway tunnel, I am not a fan. Came home and washed the grime off. Good news, we actually shared this adventure with another couple...something we rarely do because even though lots of people read my blog, not many of those people like a big shout out to our friends from the island of long for possibly committing social suicide by hanging with us..we won't mention your names to protect your identity.

Dancing to the 80's at Lincoln center...awesome. Felt like I was at a sweet 16 for really big losers but it was so much fun. The reason why husband #1 and I are still together(possibly the only reason) is because we can make each other one another, at the group of people wearing neon outfits(very 80s) at the 6"5 man wearing a long brown's all good....

And the weekend....we could not agree on what to do so on this beautiful sunny day, husband #1 is napping on the couch because I made him walk to and from lunch(less than 3 a glacial place) I told him that I wouldn't make fun of him, but all I can say is thank god he wasn't part of the Jews crossing the desert because it would not have ended well for him....enough said.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer

Happy sunday

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