Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday march 23,2011


The last time I was in Israel was for a bar mitzvah in October of 2003. Husband #1 and I had decided that after vacationing in the Bahamas and puerto Rico(this was before all three boys were in day school..) that we should revisit the land of our forefathers...since we had not been there in 8 years(on our honeymoon...that's a whole other blog..) so off we went.

We traveled with another couple, which was fabulous. They had a baby three months prior to the trip, so my friend's "my breast friend" nursing pillow got used a lot in many different was amazing. The food was great, the company was great...but I was nervous as hell the whole time I was there. My kids were all home and I was in a volatile part of the world. So sad to think of it that way...but that is how I felt. Husband #1 had been there during the sabarro bombing, and even though I was the only wife who didn't call to make sure their spouse was ok, I was still nervous.

I remember making a point to make genuine eye contact with every single person I passed, even the streimeled ones that weren't "allowed" to look at me. This country is full of heroes. Just living there, whether it be because they were born there, because they chose to follow a dream and move there from another country or just because they wanted to pay less tuition...whatever the reason, they are all heroes.

And today, the news of another rips through your heart that people have to live like that. Because of facebook I am able to get a real sense of what my friends there are thinking and feeling.."just spoke to my kids, they are safe"..."my car shook when the bomb went off.."

They are all heroes. May God protect you and watch over you and may there be peace in our time.

Happy wednesday

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