Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday march 7 2011

Don't mind me..I'm just venting....

In the olden days, when our phone wouldn't work, my dad would use the neighbors phone and say "I am a physician and I need this to be fixed as soon as humanly's a matter of life and death!" after all, the man was birthin' babies and needed to be reached 24/7...

Fast forward to now, when the morons at verizon are telling me that bad storms have the repairmen working all over the state and they can't get to me until Thursday....I've got nothing..I'm not a doctor, I no longer have infants who can choke on legos, husband #1 isn't a doctor either..though I'm wondering what would happen if I slipped some legos in his dinner..hmmmm...better not try it, cause the goddam phone isn't working....but wait, we have cell phones now, so when your house phone doesn't work, verizon can come whenever they please because there are no longer plausible excuses because we have cell phones...and if we tell them we have no cell phone and we are calling from a pay phone, the morons at verizon will know that we are lying because they know that there arent any pay phones anymore!!(are there pay phones? I haven't a clue....)

Boo hoo hoo, please feel bad for me because my phone doesn't, don't. Feel bad for me because now that I am 40, I keep forgetting that it doesn't work and I keep picking it up to make phone calls!!!!!!!

Happy monday

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