Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday march 21, 2011

happy birthday husband #1

Tomorrow is husband #1's birthday. Last year, he celebrated his BIG birthday with his wife not speaking to him because of the 6 day blackout that preceded the big day(no, that wasn't his gift)....he also only received a snuggie because of those events(which has remained unopened to this day, along with the DVD player I got him for the birthday before that....)..but, I am happy to report that this year we are speaking and, hopefully, tomorrow will go smoothly. I even invited my in laws for surprise ice cream cake...because no ganchrow birthday is complete without carvel(and the subsequent lactose intolerance issues that follow....was that tmi?)

We met when he was 13....didn't start dating until 11 years later and will be married for 16 years in august, unless there is another really long blackout.....

He has recently learned how to load, turn on and unload a dishwasher...which will make him very marketable to his trophy wife..just one more thing to put on his impressive resume....

Happy birthday honey...the woman from craigslist is due to arrive around 9:30...

Happy monday

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