Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday august 25, 2011

Where has the time gone....

Frankly, I'm disappointed in myself that I have not blogged in almost two weeks. I have no explanation..especially since husband #1 is annoyed that I continued blogging past my 40th birthday, and I enjoy annoying him and I've still gone two weeks without a word. Perhaps its because the three aliens have reinvaded my hemisphere of solitude. I've been doing laundry and making meals and cleaning the kitchen and cleaning up those wayward drops of pee that seem to either miss the toilet or remain on the seat because one of the aliens was too lazy to pick it up before he went....and life is back to normal..or as normal as my life is.

And now we have the issue of hurricane Irene...six years ago we decided the boys were too old to keep going to sesame place, hence the ganchrow family baseball road trip began. This year, we are adding the bonus of driving through a hurricane to the itinerary-not enough to see the buffalo bisons, Toronto blue jays, Rochester rodents(can't remember the name of the team) and the Boston red sox, we want to show the boys what it's like to get stranded on the highway in the middle of a hurricane-that will be a true test of my marriage....I can't wait. Hopefully, we will be interviewed by some local yocal news channel and when the reporter asks "why would you choose to leave during the most powerful hurricane of the decade?". I can answer, "well, my husband paid for the tickets already and those minor league games can really cost a bundle.." and then we will offer the reporter something from our white trash cooler...since there is no way Jose that we are paying for any beverages on this trip....ya, as I said, I can't wait.

I'm hoping that god will protect our van, fuzzy dice and all, like he did the Jews in the desert...and that we will make it to our destinations, our motel 6's and all the other fun things we have planned.

And let us all say....amen..

Happy thursday

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