Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday august 12,2011

Me and plaxico....
Week 7

So this week started out with husband #1 and I going to a lecture on narcissism. The man spoke about being nicer and friendlier to people, holding the door open for others, but really concentrating on improving the relationship with your spouse. Well folks, when the lecture was over, the same people who don't say hello to me because I am so thin that I'm invisible, still ignored me...I held the door open for about thirty people and no one said thank you and then husband #1 almost left me to walk home in the torrential rain. Basically proving my point that these lectures are ridiculous and you should just stick to what you know....

What I know is that I listen to waayyy to much mike and the mad dog when husband #1 is driving and on our way back from our "mini-moon"(which is code for going to a hotel for one night...but it was lovely) we were listening to mike interview plaxico burress..the newest member of the jets football organization. So I am now going to tie in the lecture on narcissism and plaxico burress and banji ganchrow.

Plaxico was asked if he learned anything in jail..well, I thought he was going to say "yes, never bend down to pick up your toothbrush" or "if you are going to carry an unregistered fire arm, don't shoot yourself in the foot"....but instead he spoke of the importance of family. Now, my family has been away from me for only seven weeks...what have I learned? I learned it is possible to go seven weeks with pulling your hair out and wanting to lock yourself in a closet and scream at the top of your, just kidding...I learned that camp should be longer than seven and a half, just kidding...I didn't really learn anything..I'm hoping the time away will make them better kids, I mean make me a better, calmer mom...and if it didn't, perhaps I will shoot myself in the foot, go to jail for two years and then get a really big contract with a sports team.

Wait, I think I got off track somewhere....oh well, I tried.

Happy Friday...

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