Friday, April 27, 2012

My life as a sports metaphor....4/27/12

Last night was a big night in our home. Rangers won their game 7, which made husband #1 and son #3 happy and then the Devils won their game 7, which made the rest of the family happy. Problem was, the Devils game went into double overtime and didn't end until after midnite. So while husband #1 tiptoed(stomped, tiptoed, same thing..)out of this house at 630 this morning, evil mom had to deal with "the morning after"...(which takes on a whole new meaning in this saga...)and wake the boys for school. We will call this the 3 on 1 power play. Not pretty. I was a bad mom for making them go to school, even though I was a good mom for letting them stay up. Wait, I was a bad mom for letting them stay, I was good...until this morning...the boys tried to kill time in this power play, but I was victorious and everyone got to school on time. But not before I became the irate player on the ice, who starts yelling at the ref and you can see all of the bad words he is saying on tv because they have yet to learn to edit that...that was me. I'm not proud to admit it, but mom dropped the f bomb several times during the power game 7, you've got to do what you've got to do. I even started with the "if you don't get your f$&@& asses out here, you are never watching another playoff game for the rest of the season." really? Did I really need to say that? The team knows that all they have to do is give me a hug and a smile and they are off the bench. I'd be a really crappy coach..hopefully, I'm a better mom...maybe they'll get me a Stanley cup for mothers day. Or a whistle... Happy Friday and may all of your penalty kills be successful...

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