Monday, May 14, 2012

mothers day 2012

Another mother's day has come and gone. My boys did their very best to try and show me how much they appreciate me. Though, one of them was paying so much attention to the card he got me that he signed it "love, mom"...really...22 and a half hours of labor and you couldn't sign your name? The other son wrote me adorable poems to go with the breakfast that they brought me(aww, isn't that sweet, breakfast in bed...i only told them what i wanted 20 times in four different languages..but, at least they remembered the butter to go with the muffins) and husband #1 couldn't wait to go visit his mother so, you can imagine how that ended for him...but, regardless, mothers day 2012 ended with onion rings at my brother and sister-in-law's in the city so it could've been a lot worse... I have often said that i have no idea what i am doing as a mom. My kids have picked up on this, especially with my stellar following-through-with-the -punishment record that i have amassed over the years, but I always find such humor in the studies they do about parenting. As a mom who nursed, my favorites are those studies-nursing prevents ear infections(not), nursing helps babies sleep better(not), nursing helps moms lose weight(not). These recent "attachment parenting" studies really make me laugh because husband #1 was not nursed at all and he is pretty attached....But i am thinking they should be doing more relevant studies like the children who refuse to eat vegetables study..will that effect their future careers? the children who have selective hearing studies..will their future spouses be more apt to slam them over the head with a hammer? the children who don't know what a washing machine is....and so on and so on...Perhaps i should be taking notes and see how that all works out for my boys...who knows, one day i could be on the cover of Time magazine... But in the end, even though my history with mothers day has not been great, i truly believe that deep, deep, deep down, my sons appreciate all that i do for them. And i do it with all the love in the world because they are my world and being a mom is the greatest thing in the world....(wait, i just threw up in my mouth...must've been the muffin) Hope all you mothers out their weren't totally disappointed on mothers day...

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