Saturday, April 21, 2012

saturday, april 21, 2012

the circle of life.. So i survived the passover holiday. Everyone got along..i only yelled at my mom once, god forgive me, and now everything is put away like it never happened. That is what life is like. We prepare, we worry, we celebrate, we cry, we laugh...good things happen, bad things happen and then the sun sets and rises and it all starts again the next day. I tried to explain to my kids that the really cool thing about all of these holidays we celebrate is that it connects us to all of the generations before us. Thousands of years ago, our relatives were also yelling at their spouses about not helping wash the dishes..thousands of years ago, our relatives were also complaining that there was nothing to do at the hotel they were staying at- oh wait, i dont think there were any passover programs back then, but im sure there were spouses yelling at each other..that is a part of history that keeps repeating itself.. Though i cant imagine it was as easy to kosher your kitchen for passover back then as it is now..hooray for progress. I told each of my boys to please help clear the table after each meal. They looked at me and said "of course, mom (snicker snicker..and when i write snicker i mean the sound of someone snickering, not the chocolate bar-if they had each given me a snickers, it might've taken the sting out of their snickering..)" The only boy who actually did help clear the table was husband #1...that's right folks, a passover miracle in the land of Teaneck. And speaking of miracles, I made my "key" challah for shabbos...for those of you who dont know what i am talking about, since we are not a religion that is superstitious, on the shabbos after passover, if you put a key in your challah, you are supposed to be blessed with financial gains...So i wrapped the key in the tin foil, put the piece of tinfoil in the dough and baked the challah. When we ate it, we found the foil...but the key was gone. This, i must say, was very unnerving...what does that mean?? Who took my key?? Will i be on food stamps this year?? Will i win the lottery this year?? WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN?? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY KEY?? I was thinking of asking my rabbi about this, but he would probably just say that i shouldnt be baking challah with a key to begin with..and that answer would just not be helpful. So I will just think positive thoughts about the whole thing(something i am not great at...yes, i know what you are thinking...) May we all be blessed with good health and financial gains this year... Happy Saturday night...

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