Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wednesday, february 29, 2012

i'm sorry..

I must admit, i've been suffering from writers block. It seems that once you blog about your husband setting himself on fire, it is hard to find a topic to top that(and the topics that do top that are on the "forbidden" subjects, in laws, neighbors, kids school, etc) So, this will be a let down and for that, I apologize.

Today is February cousin Bernard would have been 108 today(dont worry, I am not about to explain who cousin Bernard is, but he should rest in peace and he was an incredible, wonderful, smart man)We were blessed to celebrate his 104th birthday with him, four years ago, and then he passed away a few weeks after that. Why am i telling you this? well, in honor of his birthday, which, as i just mentioned, is only every four years, I was going to buy an ice cream cake for the family to celebrate his memory, but that was soon shot down because of the rampant lactose intolerance that members of my family are subject to, and since we have son #2's hockey game tonight, we didn't want to chance anyone spending the whole evening in the bathroom..but, upon thinking about the "once every four year thing" i realized that IN four years, god willing, I will have a son in college(unless he decides to stay in Israel for another year, which will mean I am not longer speaking to husband #1 since he encouraged son #1 to go in the first place), one son a senior in high school and one son a freshman in high school. Holy Freaking Crap. Some of my friends could have married kids or grandchildren. Holy Freaking Crap. I will definitely be all gray and husband #1 will still be bald(still not my fault, he was bald when we married..)

And then i heard my mother's voice saying "don't rush the years," which she is so right about(got to give her credit for being right since I blame so many other things on her...)and i was transported back to today, not getting the ice cream cake and taking things one day at a time.

See, it's hard to top your husband setting himself on fire!!!!!

Happy Wednesday

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