Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday October 5,2011

Welcome to my world....

The phone rings, son #3 answers, I watch him as he nods his head, says "ok, she's right here," and he hands me the phone. "mom," he says very seriously, "the man says it's very important that he speaks to you..."

Telemarketer...needs to ask me about my water...this is a true conversation..
"ma'am, does your water have a strange taste or smell?"

I respond, "should it?"

"ma'am, do you have a water filtration system of any kind?"

I respond, "should I?"

"ma'am, how many people in your household use the water for cooking or cleaning?"
I respond, "one."

"ma'am, how many people are in your household?"

I respond, "five."

"ma'am, there are five people in your household and only one uses the water for cooking and cleaning?"

I respond, "yes, just me, the other four are boys and they don't know how to cook or clean."

That'll teach him to tell my kid he has something important to tell his mom....if only I was making it up...

Wishing all of you an easy fast, a happy, healthy and prosperous new year filled with only good outcomes and happy surprises-like, maybe, perhaps, someone else in your household learning how to use the water for cooking or cleaning....

Happy Wednesday

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