Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday october19,2011

Schnitzel, French fries and pasta....

I know how lucky I am...for the past five years, I have been able to kiss my boys whenever I want. When I go into their rooms to wake them up, I can kiss them as many times as they will allow...(and of course, it depends upon their mood.) I have received permission to share that information with you because I can only kiss them until they are bigger than I am(which is taking it's time, and with all the holidays, I keep, that will be up for negotiation when the time comes.) I love my boys-even when they fight and scream and make me want to run away from home, I love them and live for them.

Yesterday, when Gilad Shalit came home...I can only imagine his mom. Son #1 is having a challenging time digesting the exchange of 1 for 1000. As my friend Susan put it, this is his first ethical challenge-his first "shades of gray" dilemma. I read him the quote from facebook saying "we love our children more than we hate out enemies.." and I think that helped, a little, but he is also a boy and after a few minutes, he started playing madden on xbox and that was the end of the discussion, have short attention spans...

I was telling husband #1(who will be relieved when he can go back to work for a full 5 days..especially with his in laws coming this weekend) that the exchange is like the topic of abortion-no one should take away a womans right to choose, but if you think about the women who use this "right" as a form of birth control-it takes on a whole other ugly picture. So you just think about the positive....just to verify, husband #1 was not thrilled with this comparison, but I usually don't listen to him, which is why I still put it out there.

But Gilad is home, thank god, and his mom got to feed him schnitzel, French fries and pasta and I'm sure that made her the happiest woman in the world.

Never forget the things that make you happy!

Happy wednesday

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