Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday October 31,2011

Holy crap...

I really thought I would have posted 300 times before my next birthday, but due to a combination of laziness, cooking, yelling at my kids and disasters both natural and imaginary, this will not be the case.

Holy crap I'm going to be 41 tomorrow and I'm waking up in my parents house, and not because I couldn't find my way home-wouldn't that be nice...but because of snow in October. Husband #1 and I were at a bar mitzvah in englewood when this disastrous storm occurred. How the mom and dad of the bar mitzvah boy remained so calm when 60 or so people had to rush inside to avoid the freezing temperatures and collapsing tent is beyond me. And I don't think they were medicated...and if they were, gimme some of that...I could learn from them...truth be told, I could learn lessons from many people, but, in one ear and out the other, I'm both afraid and sorry to say...

Friends of ours have a generator and they gave new meaning to the famous quote "give me your tired...." kids and grow ups and food and snacks and the mom is walking around with a smile and the dad is checking to make sure everyone is ok-simply amazing....6 or 7 families sleeping over...we deserted son #2 and son #3 because we couldn't get to them Saturday night and they were taken care of by their friends parents as if they were their own children-just remarkable.

And then, there is me(and this is my blog, so it's all about me) I'm getting so cranky that I snap at small children(and possibly some adults) my editing mechanism is almost on empty and I get hot flashes out of no where...but that's ok. Since I won't be getting any fine jewelry from kohls this year(since husband #1 was supposed to take the boys Saturday night and there was a state of emergency-he will basically use any excuse...I'm sure there was a Kmart open somewhere..)my gifts are my three boys(who need to get back to a normal routine before it ends badly)my friends who put up with my crap, my family(happy birthday to my favorite sister) and my health. Oh, and the guy who got my cell phone out of husband #1's car....the rest doesn't matter.

Happy monday

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