Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday,september 6, 2011

Here we go again.....

The summer is over. The back packs are packed. Lunches are in the fridge. I'm going to sleep before 10 pm. How the hell am I getting son #2 out of bed to catch the bus at 7:25. It's not fair. I know some of you have to wake up for earlier buses, for younger kids, for frisky spouses, but I don't and I'm not happy about this early wake up thing. He sleeps like a log. I have to wake him 4-5 times and he doesn't even remember the first 3-4!!! This year is not going to be pretty....,

As for school supplies....I officially protest the 12 dozen sharpened pencils, post its, scissors and glue sticks. No more. As for pens, I borrowed enough from the classy hotels we stayed in on our road trip to fulfill 1/3 of the required amounts...if they need more, get em from the kids whose parents donate extra money to the school...I'm tapped out, dude!

And speaking of our road trip-baseball trip #6 was awesome. No bed bugs, grilled cheese maker rocked, kids got autographs and more baseballs(cause we can never have too many balls...you know I had to say it...) and even though the Yankees beat the red sox, fenway is my new favorite stadium, replacing pnc park in Pittsburgh(what is she talking about?!) boys got along 95% of the time, husband #1 and I got along 85% of the time and the weather was stunning. Our basement is almost stench free(god bless my friend Sarah for marrying Daniel...he's totally awesome) and the kids start school tomorrow. Now if only this rain would stop....

Good luck to all starting a new adventure in learning tomorrow...better you than me!

Happy tuesday

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