Friday, September 14, 2012

happy new year

Since I have been patting myself on the back for being mom of the year, having traveled to Minnesota and all, haven't had a chance to sit down and reflect. That is what we are supposed to do this time of year. Reflect on all that has happened, all that we have accomplished or wish we accomplished..blah blah blah. We lost a lot of good people this year. Kind, warm, generous of heart..really good people. And then, i'm assuming, we lost a lot of not so great people...people who were obnoxious, self centered..etc. When I was in chicago this summer(on the mom-of-the-year road trip) the rabbi spoke about reward and punishment. When we do something good, do we think we will be rewarded, but when we do something bad, do we hope we wont be punished. When I do something nice for someone, I basically just hope that it will prevent me from getting struck by lightning and balance out all of the bad i do. And when I say bad, i dont mean really bad-like violence, stealing or something of that nature. When I say bad, I mean when i see a person who has lost a lot of weight, i think "such a shame she is going to gain it back." Or when I hang up on my mom...or make fun of husband #1..(but is that really bad? there I go again..) I have actually thought of what I want written on my headstone.."she was a bitch, but she made everyone laugh." We all need to be true to ourselves..whatever that means. I reflect on how quickly time is racing I have two boys in high school-when did that happen? How son #3 is learning for his bar mitzva...and how much fun i have thinking of who i am cutting from the list(see, that's bad...) But as the new year approaches, and our fates, as they always are, are in the hands of a power higher then we can ever comprehend, I wish we all have a year filled with good health, positive energy, compassion, peace, a republican president and most of all, laughter.(well, really good health is first, but i wanted to tie the laughter in somewhere..) Happy Friday and May we all be written in the Book of Life....

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