Sunday, October 28, 2012

the blog before the storm....

I am nauseous. Literally and physically nauseous.  I have every worst cast scenario running through my head..a floating ironing board in my basement..the roof blowing off of my shattering. If i watch one more weather forecast, i might throw up.

But ask me what the "men" in my house are doing.  Are they holding my hand and telling me it will all be ok?  Are they helping me get all the laundry done so we have plenty of clean clothes for when we don't have power until December?  No, they aren't. They are watching football. All of them. On different tvs. Just a typical Sunday in my house.  Good thing Sandy wasn't forecast for today, because then there would be no football. And the "men" would be sad.  Boo freakin hoo.

I know I can't control this storm, or any storm for that matter, so I continue to do the things i can control-change linens, make beds, organize cabinets, drive everyone in my house and those visiting to watch football insane. No more news for will be what it will be...Governor Christie told me(and everyone else watching) that if I have time, i should pray for the storm to go that is what i am doing now.

Hope you all stay safe, with power, with patience and with help from God.

Happy Sunday

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