Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ode to extra innings...

As a mom of boys, and the crazy mom who goes on these baseball trips, I've prided myself on being a real trooper. There are few things more boring for a woman(am I really a woman?) than batting practice for a minor league team in Buffalo, but I have done it. Whether I pre-medicated is another story..but I was there, cheering for the home team, watching my boys catch god knows how many balls...and you know a house full of boys can never have too many balls..but I digress. Today we went to the st Louis cardinals vs the pittsburgh pirates at Busch Stadium(busch, as in anheiser busch..who makes the, we didn't go on the tour, no, I did not drink any beer, I did, however have a lovely rum and coke that I got "free" with parking at the stadium..anyway) So it's a gorgeous day in st Louis, husband number one sprang for seats with backs, the crowd is friendly, we get there two hours before the game for batting practice, and the day begins. The game's getting a little hot by our seats because even though they have backs, the backs are attached to metal benches. It's getting so hot that the fans are cheering when the clouds cover the sun. The game is still going on...5 hours later..tied 2-2..weve started the 14th inning..I'm pretty sure the couple infront of us have conceived a child...we are in the 16th inning, son #2 has grown a beard...the 17th inning, I have officially lost my mind. I draw the line at 17 innings and 7 hours at a baseball stadium-no matter how gorgeous the weather or how friendly the godam people are..if that kid behind me screams "let's go cards" one more time, I might have to impale him with the baseball bat we bought..and that would be really really wrong... So evil mom made the kids leave after 17 innings...the game went to 19...the cardinals lost...but it's all good because tomorrow I get on their good side again with a tour of the stadium and a trip to rams training camp... All in celebration of my 17th anniversary of being married to husband number one..and being all together is the best gift of all(and, of course, the only gift either of us will be getting as the five of us will be sharing a hotel room in Indianapolis..kindve like the plaza, but not really) Happy Sunday

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