Monday, August 13, 2012

The long and winding road

So here we are, road trip #7...I've learned a few things and I'd like to share them with you.. 1. It is perfectly fashionable for men to wear shorts, black socks, pulled up and penny loafers. It has to be because every where we have been, that is what the men wear. Not fashionable husband #1, of course, he wears high white socks and his sporty black orthopedic sneakers...much better! 2. It is safer to be in your car during a lighting storm than in a hotel. That's right, the geniuses at the front desk told us that when you are in your car, the rubber tires "ground" you and it's the safest place to be. Man, if we knew that, we would've slept in the car! ( fortunately, we didn't know that, because I have got to draw the line somewhere)... 3. Kosher pizza, anywhere in the Midwest, tastes like manna from heaven when you plan poorly and haven't eaten in 11 hours... 4. Cows in Minnesota, look like cows in new York...and I'm still the only one in the car who gets excited every time we pass some... 5. Kids get along better in a car, driving for hours and hours, with all of their electronic equipment dead, better than they do sitting around the Friday night dinner table for 20 minutes-why is that?!?!?! 6. Husband #1 might not be able to do a lot of things, but, he can plan one hell of a road trip :) Happy Monday!

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