Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the summer of shpilkis....

It's been a while since my last post. Seems I lost my blogging mojo(among my mojos for other things, but that's for another blog) but now I am back.  The summer of shpilkis...sent son #1 on a plane to a foreign land without the ability to send him food every week to make sure he doesn't physically disintegrate...everytime i look at my watch i try to figure out what he might be doing, and when what he might be doing is sleeping, i can take a deep breath and the shpilkis goes away, momentarily.  I was so preoccupied with his leaving, that i neglected to pack many things for sons 2 and 3...but they eventually got what they needed, and son #1 figured out how to by his own pillow in the foreign land...of course for the next few days he is sleeping in a forest with no cell reception, but if our forefathers could survive 40 years in the desert, I am hoping that a Ganchrow can survive 4 nights in the forest....I hope.

Clearly this summer is not the summer of Banji, as sons 2 and 3 come home in a week. Why? Why are they not staying for two months? Well, husband #1 and I gave them a choice..two months and no baseball trip or one month and a baseball trip. And as i stood infront of my beautiful boys, with my eyes closed tightly, fingers and toes crossed, praying "dear lord, let them choose camp, let them choose camp, I don't care how many kidneys i have to sell to pay for it..please choose camp,"  they chose the baseball trip.  Really?  I am the bitchiest, crankiest, moodiest mom...and these boys chose to spend 50 hours of driving with me(well, and their dad, who is the opposite of me)..are my packing/laundry/cooking abilities really that wonderful? are they that afraid of going to a minnesota twins game in their pajamas because I am not there to give them their clothes? That's right, i said minnesota.  Minne-freakin-sota. And Kansas City. And St. Louis.  Have you seen the wizard of oz? I am convinced our minivan, fuzzy dice and all, are going to get swept up in a Tornado.  I am even thinking of buying all of us matching ruby slippers...but, they chose me(and their father, again, the opposite of me) so i should just shut up, pack our set of matching garbage bag luggage, and appreciate the time I have with them...Hope you are all having a great summer...

Happy Tuesday

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