Sunday, June 3, 2012

i love a parade..or not...

The israeli day parade.  When you are single, it is a time to search for dates. When you are engaged, it is a time to gloat in front of the singles.  When you come back with babies and strollers and screaming toddlers, it is a time to get dirty looks from the people whose feet you are accidentally mowing over with previously mentioned strollers and whose pants are now dirty from having your toddlers wipe their hands off on them because you have run out of baby wipes.  You are in such a daze you don't really pay attention to the folks you are seeing. You don't care if the beotch from high school gained just want to go home.

And then, you reach the point where I was today. Calm, no kids following me, hanging out with lovely people who I don't normally get to spend time with (and they don't even all read my blog and I was still happy to spend time with them.) I didn't even bring a chair..i was just enjoying the parade, screaming the names of my friends who were marching(and then screaming the names of my friends kids...of course some of those kids were ready to kill me for being so embarrassing..but, what can you do..) And did it even bother me that sons 2 and 3 finished marching before 12:30 and then son #1 didn't start marching until after 3? Nope...not at all. I didn't have to take anyone to the bathroom(myself included as i had stopped drinking all liquids by 8 pm last night in order to avoid the "having to find a bathroom" dilemma one encounters in parade situations, and I am fully aware that I am not as young as I used to be...), I didn't mind being ignored by the folks who ignore me when I am back home, I didn't even mind the torrential down pour because I wasn't wearing white and didn't have the potential to scare anyone if my shirt became wet.  It was all lovely.

And here are my ideas for future parades....I propose that all of the schools make banners with their tuitions. This way, the parade could also be an advertising campaign and we could find out where we could be saving money.  I propose that JNF, JCRC, Jordache, any hospital, any political candidate or any non profit that march in the parade give out candy. Or granola bars. Or little boxes of cereal. Or Tab.  I got a little hungry waiting to see my precious gems walk down fifth avenue and i would much rather have a hershey bar than another israeli flag that I am going to feel bad throwing out(am i even allowed to throw a flag out? is it like something with god's name in it? oh well..)

And that's it. Only two proposals. And of course, one involves food...
Hope you all had a glorious day and remember to be kind to one another because life is too short to be mean and cranky all the time...

Happy Sunday

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