Thursday, May 24, 2012

Paul Anka and the Devils

So last night, I had to escort my mother to a Paul Anka concert.  For those of you who don't know who he is, google him( i hear he likes that after leaving his wife of 30 some odd years) anyway, I had to go with her because my dad apparently had a "meeting" he had to go to(game 5 of the eastern conference finals..Devils vs Rangers...he didn't actually see the game at the Garden, but in his living room, after his "meeting") and since I am the good natured middle child, I got stuck going to the concert.

We decided it would be best if I drove my mom's car because she has a handicap placard, but that decision was sort of silly because EVERYONE attending this concert had a handicap placard and I ended up dropping my mom off in front and parking three blocks away. Funny how all of those handicapped folks can walk a mile to see Paul, but need a parking spot right next to the entrance of costco...

Upon entering Bergen Pac, I felt especially young and surgically unaltered. I also realized that i might've been the only woman there who hadn't gone through menopause or colored her hair.  This audience was crazy for Paul...i guess it's the same as my going to a Rick Springfield concert..i turn 16 again..well, so did these folks.  There was singing and swaying and crying. Paul looks pretty fit for a guy in his early 70's(or any age, come to think of it)...the crowd went wild to classics like "Diana"(google it), "Put your head on my shoulders"(available on itunes) and the unforgettable "My Way"....(im sure there are several versions on you tube..)

But what was especially amusing, to me anyway, because I am evil, was that since the concert was an hour and 45 minutes long(and probably would've been longer had the vans from the nursing homes not shown up) and there was no intermission, many of these folks had to visit the restroom. Over and over again.  And since it was the senior set, some of them couldn't find their seats when they got back...old guys were shouting their wives was funny and sad all at the same time.

He puts on a pretty good show that Paul mom had a great time, the Devils won and we didn't get mugged walking back to our car. Of course when i got home my  youngest son the Rangers fan was not in a good mood, since he team lost AND his brothers tortured him the whole night, but that's just the way it least my mom got to feel 16 again...

Happy Thursday

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