Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lessons of Passover...

I write this with the wisdom of a biblical scholar. If you are home for passover, it is never too early to start shopping. They run out of diet coke, so buy early and buy often, but only buy if it is 5 for 5 dollars. Do not buy soda in any place but a chain supermarket or they rip you off. Unless you work and you have no time to go to 8 different markets.  They also run out of chocolate bars and lollycones. Again, buy early, buy often and only buy on sale. Of course, if you are me, you eat all of the ones with the nuts in them before them holiday actually begins...and that is ok.

You can have too much free matza. CAN have too much free matza.
You can never have too much wine, because, well, you just can't.

Also, i have discovered that my biggest loser sweatshirt doubles as an that is a good quality piece of merchandise!

Wishing all of you, no matter where you are, a wonderful rest of this holiday. Cherish these moments because before you know it, that little boy fetus that you felt move in your tummy in the kiddush room of the Concord Hotel 18 years ago will be getting ready to graduate high school and go off to Israel....

Happy Sunday!

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