Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yay..smaller clothes!!!

Son #1 is 5"11 and weighs less than 130 pounds. I would like to say he gets that from me, but, alas, he does not. Though, he does not get it from husband #1's side of the family either( you thought I was almost giving them credit for something.) In any event, the other day, I found myself at Nordstroms, passing through to get to the swatch store(long story, actually, not that long, end of the story is...don't buy husband #1 a swatch, or any watch for that matter, the men working at the store wanted to know if he worked in construction because the watch was so badly damaged. Construction? wait, I am still laughing.) ANYWAY, on the door to Nordstroms was a sign welcoming the Sarah Jessica Parker Collection to the store.

Is she selling teeny tiny clothes and teeny tiny shoes? Here I was, out in public, makeup on(holy crap I am over 40), feeling reasonably human(until I pass lululemon and I want to walk in just so I can record them asking me to leave because I am too big to even fit through their door, wait, I don't have a phone that can record..)and Nordstroms is welcoming a new line of clothing/shoes(i don't know what is in her collection, I just know there won't be any of it in my closet) made by a teeny tiny person who is marketing her wares to a population that only eats Kale.

So I took a deep breath, held my head up high, and walked right to the Baked by Melissa kiosk, where the woman serving the cupcakes was one of my big friendly sistas and she was more than happy to sell me some baked goodness that was just my size.

And order was restored to the world

Happy Wednesday!

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