Sunday, June 9, 2013

little house on the prairie..a modern day version

It's been a while since i have blogged, so i might be a little rusty. But what a weekend. First of all, I want to give a shout out to Yosef, bar mitzvah boy extraordinaire.  I have had the joy of attending your mom's bat mitzvah, your parents wedding, your other siblings simchas, and seeing your mom and dad almost every visiting day at the morasha canteen so we can reminisce about how they met there oh-so-many years ago(well, they reminisce, I am probably eating something...) In any event, I always enjoy spending time on the Island of long with the many skinny-minis. Though, I have to admit, and husband #1 warned me not to, it seems that the upside of hurricane sandy was that some of the skinny minis  are not as skinny as they were pre-hurricane. Though, some of them could just be pregnant, which could also be a result of the excessive power loss due to the storm, and with no power, well, there are children reading this so enough said.

One of the many highlights of my weekend was staying with my dear friends and inventors of the coconut perl(1 can pineapple juice, a lot of ice and coconut rum, please drink responsibly) But, we were not the only guests. We were joined by a very pregnant escapee from manhattan along with her husband and adorable son, whose hair color i will try to imitate when i start coloring my gray mess.  Now this adorable pregnant person is really pregnant. Like, keep the ob on speed dial and where is the boiling water and clean towels pregnant. I felt like Doc on little house on the prairie. I was ready to use all of my obstetrics knowledge(courtesy of my father) to deliver this baby, if need be, in the beautiful marble bathtub in the master bedroom....I kept asking her how far apart her contractions were(there weren't any) if her water broke(it didn't) if the fetus was head down(it was) if she was dialeted(2 centimeters-woohoo! 8 to go!!!) needless to say i was being more annoying than usual and I was waiting for her to get the first train back into the city to escape my insaneness(not sure if that is a word).  But I was determined to deliver this baby because THAT would have been a story "fat chick from new jersey delivers baby in woodsburgh, story at 11" "Hatzolah's got nothing on visiting daughter of an ob/gyn"  That would've been awesome.  But in the end, the adorable pregnant person survived shabbos without incident and I did not get to deliver a baby...but, my friend the real doctor got to take care of son #3's feet, so it wasn't a total loss..

Mazal tov to all of my friends celebrating wonderful occasions this weekend! and only ONE MORE WEEK til Benjy and Rebecca's wedding!!!! can't wait!!!

happy sunday

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