Wednesday, May 1, 2013

husband #1 does it again.....

Realizing that I haven't blogged since the "cleanse" of three weeks ago, I thought it was about time to get out another one.(That and through the encouragement of my son's lovely friend Gaby(shout out), who is not only polite, but he tries to get my boys to eat healthier foods. He also entertains us with a little ditty on the piano before he makes his exit...

In any event, I am still alive after the cleanse. I went a whole week without diet soda, but then I developed the shakes and needed to imbibe in the sweet nectar of my beloved tab. I did not, however, go back to eating entenmanns, only drinking the tab. You have to pick your battles and if I don't pick mine correctly, I will be wearing a lovely figure flattering hefty bag to son #3's bar mitzvah and even though all of my friends will tell me how amazing I look, we will all be thinking the same thing "that crazy girl is wearing an actual garbage bag!" So, no to the cake and yes to the chemicals.  I have been drinking more water and eating more asparagus, and am thinking of creating a perfume with the scent that follows after eating said asparagus, but that is for another time.

Today is my half birthday. Who cares, right?  I was just happy the weather was better than it was on my actual, no power, cooking in the dark birthday. Husband #1 comes home with a white bag and says "I got you something for your half birthday."  Awww, how sweet. I'm thinking as I am pretty sure it is a piece of white chocolate mousse cake from my most favorite, because that is my very favorite.  Or a corn muffin, which I enjoy on occasion. Or even a blueberry muffin because blueberries are chock full of antioxidants and was none of those things. It was plain vanilla tasti delite. I don't like tasti delite and I don't like plain vanilla.  Now before you all jump down my throat about how I should appreciate this gesture of love and devotion, let me just point out something.  We are going to be married 18 freakin years and the guy still doesn't know what kind of ice cream I like???? seriously? Do you think I keep any secrets from this man? I know what he likes..he likes plain vanilla..oh wait, maybe that's why he got it. So he could eat it. So happy half birthday to me.....

Here's hoping that your better halves have more of a clue...

Happy Wedneseday

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