Thursday, March 21, 2013

Boo hoo Lulu

As many of you know, I am not a fan of Lulu Lemon.  For those of you who don't know and don't know what Lulu Lemon is, it is a line of exercise clothes designed for people who either don't need to exercise, exercise all day or who just like to make fat people feel bad.  In the window of the store there is a mannequin of a woman who would not fit into any of the clothing that they sell in the store.  I do not like Lulu Lemon because she discriminates against those of us who like to exercise, but, like to eat more.  Is she doing it to punish us because we can't fit into 100 dollar yoga pants? Maybe, but the mannequin in the window is freezing and she just wants to break free so she can waddle over to lane bryant to find something to wear....

Lulu is in trouble.  Apparently, she has been manufacturing pants that are see thru.  You can see the skinny tushys through the pants.  Women are in an uproar. The stock is plummeting. People are outraged.  The fat mannequin doesn't feel quite as bad because she isn't wearing any clothing at all.  I happen to be quite amused at the whole fiasco because the pants are skin tight, you can see every ripple, muscle, vein...the people who wear them, wear them to flaunt their ability to wear whats the big deal if the guy behind you can tell what color undy pants you are wearing?

Poor Lulu...I hope she is stress eating an entenmanns cake..or two...

Happy Thursday!

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