Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday November 14,2011

Some things never change....

I went to a high school open house with son #2 yesterday. The parents and students were split up and went to different presentations. After standing through a 15 minute class on genetics, my back started to hurt, my feet were burning and yet another hot flash came upon me(though we are not sure if the hot flashes are age related, stress related or food allergy related-or, if they are just psychological...). These side affects were much different than the ones I developed when I was actually in high school-doodling, note passing and day dreaming(not sure if those are side affects or by products of adolescence..but, who cares.)

When that class was over, I had a selection of other interesting classes to choose from. But I chose to do what I usually did in high school-I cut class in search of food. While looking for the "amazing" food that people had told me about, I found something even better-my best friend from high school..we will call her Annie( though that is actually her name.) I think I have written about Annie before-we became friends when I bullied my way to be invited to her sleepover party in third grade(I did that?? Bully is a strong word...I asked nicely...) but alls well that ends well and we spent the next nine years being friends. She, the petite blonde and me, the not petite brunette. While we are standing there catching up about husbands and kids and life, we look at eachother and say "you look exactly the same!" now, I meant it, I hope she did too..but she does look exactly the same. When I met her son I said "hi, I'm your mom's friend who used to steall all of her snacks!" and he knew all about me...(well, hopefully, not all..)

Today I went to get my license renewed...four years ago I was thinking "man, I'm going to be 41 when I have to wait on this ridiculous line again"..,and there I was. When I went to get my picture taken, the woman asked if I wanted to use the same photo..."you mean I look exactly the same as I did four years ago??". I was thrilled....but then I wondered what was going to happen when they tell me I need to take a new picture..."I'm sorry ma'am, you are fatter and older and I'm not quite sure what color your hair is maybe let's take a new photo in order not to confuse anyone...."

But until that day...Annie and I will still look as young as we did when we met...ok, maybe not 8 years old....

Happy Monday
Please continue to have haddasah Leah bat shoshana in your thoughts and prayers...

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