Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Freaking New Year!

I can't believe another year has gone by. And what a year it has been. Son#1 got to meet Adrian Peterson(vikings), son #2 got to meet Steve Jackson(rams), son #3 started learning for his bar mitzva and husband #1 figured out how to connect over 200 feet of extension cord to our neighbors generator.

Yes, it has been quite the year. Another year older, another year less patient and another year closer to having zero editing mechanism like Grandma Sylvia, she should rest in peace. Have I learned anything? hmm, probably not-oh wait, I learned that I cannot change the weather forecast no matter how many times I yell at Lee Goldberg. I learned that driving with son #1 is less stressful if I have taken an ambien first(don't judge me..he is the one driving, not me..)I learned that you cannot stop gray hair from growing, even if you keep pulling them out and I learned that the snickerdoodle recipe on the side of the duncan hines yellow cake mix makes everyone in my house happy-a culinary feat not easily accomplished...(though I am not sure that counts as a culinary feat...)

Every new years eve I think of my friend Deva and the Concord hotel..the band playing, the cocktail party, the champagne, the imperial room..ah, good times. New years eve is different now...I'm going to son #3's hockey game and hoping to stay up past 9:30...but it is all good. We will all be together. I have a bottle of champagne that i will probably end up drinking by myself, in my bunker, while the boys watch ESPN with their father and there is nothing wrong with that. I think...

May 2013(holy crap 2013-seriously?!?!?!) bring us all good health, happiness, wealth, success, safedriving, wonderful vacations, lots and lots of laughter...and all we wish for ourselves and our families. May those we know(and don't know) who suffered terrible losses this year find comfort and peace. And let us say...amen. 

Happy New Year and Happy, i can't wait until football season is over so I can get my tv back.....

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