Wednesday, November 21, 2012

im a turkey..your a turkey

Thanksgiving.  I have fond memories of thanksgiving at 816 avenue K in Brooklyn.  My dad's parents house. We were greeted with chopped liver and crackers..stuffing and kishska from L&E..really good stuffing.  So good, that fat Banji wasn't really allowed to eat it so she had to surreptitiously sneak it in when no one was looking...good times. Memories are triggered by tastes and smells...all I have to do is look at my dining room set to have those memories, as it is the same one that was in my grandparents house.  Times were simple then, uncomplicated. No horrific storms or rockets being launched. No family squabbles. Or maybe there were and I was just protected from all of that.  Who knows..we remember what we want to and forget what we want to (those, as I get older I forget things that I dont want to, but my aging brain isn't allowing me to remember...)

Im not sure why people make a big deal about orthodox jews we seem to celebrate it every weekend..though, at shoprite, they only think the kosher folks are worth a free chicken. Subtle anti-semitism at its best.  I spent hundreds of dollars a week at that store, and Im only eligible for a free chicken. A small, pathetic, frozen chicken. For thanksgiving. The holiday based around a turkey.  Really?  I would boycott shoprite, but then I wouldn't have access to my supply of Tab...though they haven't had that recently either so maybe someone is trying to tell me something....and Drakes is out of business so husband #1 is now out of his major food group-coffee there a rehab for that?

In any event, the point of thanksgiving, aside from being with relatives you don't like, is to be thankful.  So Im thankful for my beautiful boys(when they are not fighting), for husband #1 for filling my car up with gas, on an odd day, when I only had 4 miles left to go, for my home, which is still standing, for friends who cheer me up on my birthday which really didn't happen because we didn't have power so im not actually a year older, and for all of the blessings God has given me. May you all be blessed and be thankful for those blessings as well.

Happy Wednesday and here's to Peace......

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